I’m an entrepreneur working with sound and geolocation

director of

cto for

phd from manchester university

lived in vietnam


Stuff I do

My main skills are coding + music composition

  • Music

  • Audio

  • Coding

  • Business


Things I’ve done

I founded and am director of Echoes, am CTO for SwarmBuild, and previously worked with Hanoi Grapevine

  • Echoes

    A platform for creating beautiful location-based experiences

    Huge community of locative content creators and creative practitioners

    Fully-featured frontend CMS webapp in AngularJS + backend in NodeJS (Josh + Mathias Rossignol)

    Android and iOS apps for taking interactive geolocative tours (Echoes team)

    Frontend website (Wordpress; Josh)

    Echoes collections near you

  • SwarmBuild

    Your source for design, engineering, and manufacturing

    Frontend webapp in AngularJS (Josh)

    Backend in NodeJS (Josh)

  • Hanoi Grapevine

    Hanoi Grapevine is an important and active promoter of the arts in Vietnam

    Website maintenance, updating and feature enhancement (Wordpress/PHP)


I love working with geolocation and sound.

I’m passionate about learning languages (Vietnamese, French, Italian…)

If you want to get in touch, send me a message below